Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love is Patient, Love is Kind.....

Love is a choice.  It is based on facts and not feelings.  It is not the culmination of candlelit dinners and champagne.  Anyone with children knows that it is a commitment.  One that is sometimes hard to keep.  We parents get disappointed when our children do not live up to our "expectations".  As a parent I always want my kids to do the right thing 100% of the time but in reality I myself am usually able to only pull that off about 10% of the time.  There are often some hard truths that have to be faced as a mom, about your children and yourself.  I think that is why we often choose to look the other way. 

I am a child myself, I have my earthly parents and I have my Father in Heaven.  He calls me on my crap...a lot.  Sometimes he shows me a picture of myself that I think I cannot stand to look at.  Sometimes he shows me a family portrait of he and I through my children that I think I won't be able to bear.  I stare at the picture and my heart breaks because I see things that I don't want to see, pride, rebellion, anger, pain, frustration, greed...sometimes I want to throw that portrait away. 

In that picture God is always present, always near, always holding onto me and no matter what ugly thing I see in me, what I see in him is his love for me.  Everlasting love that will never leave me or forsake me.  That is the kind of love I feel for you my dear children.  There will be trials, yes.  There will be consequences, yes.  There will be brokenness, yes.  I will call you on your crap....a lot.  But I will always love you because NOTHING will separate you from my love I am c-h-o-o-s-i-n-g to love you.  I am not always feelin' it but I am choosing it and I will chose it again tomorrow if I have to!

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BigMamaBlaze said...

Thank you Bigmama Blue. Of recent I have lost all hope. I have moved on from trauma, made changes, let forgivness be my lead, to find hate staring me in the face once again. I will love unconditionallx, as this is how my mother loves me. Love is surrounding me with mx children holding me as I greet each morning the Creator grants me. Mx beloved son has returned home to give me protection, strength and we together will take LittleMama to the blood kands of our people. I will carry into the seventh generation of my seventh grandchild my spirit and the wirsdom of my love, my love, my love. Many blessings to you for your words of encouragment. It was exactlx what this mama needed today. You changed a life todax, and in doing so you have changed seven generations too. Peace...may Creator forgive me all my sins so I can meet mx ancestors with glory and straight eyes. BigMamaBlaze