Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bucket List

There are a lot of emotions involved with dealing with death.  It is difficult to see someone else's life flash before your eyes and it makes you think a lot about your own.  Mines been good.  I would say I'm relatively happy.  I had a good upbringing, oh sure, we are crazy and everyone has their own level of dysfunction but mine was functional.  As good as my life has been however, there are things I wish I'd done.

My sister was a daredevil.  She learned to ride a two wheeled bike by running it down the hill and smashing into our barn.  She wasn't afraid of anything.  I was afraid of my own shadow and all the bumps in the night.  I slept with the covers over my head thinking that would protect me.  Needless to say the fear of things kept me from taking chances.  Now I am forty years old and wishing I had had a little more Faith and a little less fear so I am taking a leap of Faith and living a little.  Therefore my "Bucket" list. 

A list of things I choose to spend my time doing before I "kick the bucket".  I've always been a "good" girl and done what I was supposed to do.  The first thing on my list is a tattoo.  Inconspicuously placed  on my upper right hip, lips with a few choice words in Italian....yes that's right!  I don't often say it but I am thinking it a lot.  Imagine when they are changing my diaper at the "home" the nursing assistants are going to think "man I wish I knew this lady earlier, I'll bet she was sooo much fun"! And they are right!  There are other things on the list but this will be my first act of bravery.

 I challenge each of you to live today like there won't be a tomorrow.  I don't mean hard and fast but I do mean free.  Live like you know where you are going and can't wait to get there.  Believe that life is good and it is a gift and every moment should be lived to the fullest.  "Live well, love much and laugh often" and start today this very minute.  I am!

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