Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Amazing Fat Girl

So here I am again for those of you who don't know me I am big mama blue!  A forty year old fabulous fat girl!  Just got home from vacationing at Branson, MO.  Hillbilly heaven!  I was totally in my element.  We took our kids to Silver Dollar City and had a fantastic time but my oldest said to me "Mom you could make a million dollars here...that crap your always trying to feed us is about $10.00 a plate here!" 

I was born and raised a Colorado girl but I am sure I am Ozark mountain people at heart.  I cried when we had to come home.  In my defense, home has been a little rough lately.  My dad has t-cell lymphoma and they are removing pieces of him constantly, mom has diabetes and osteoarthritis and is in pain and cranky a lot (tends to threaten people with her cane).  And the bills are piled higher than the Empire State building.  I told you mountain people for sure!

I am on a constant quest for a happy place.  I am a Christian and love the Lord but I realize that loving Christ doesn't mean that everything is coming up roses.  You know how it is girls you see the skinny, tanned, rich girls and think to yourself ...if only.  My weight has been a constant thorn in my side.  I was always a chubby kid and come from a large family and I don't mean there was a lot of us.  At forty my main concern is diabetes and heart disease so I exercise daily for at least 30 minutes try to get my five servings of veggies, limit my sugar and caffeine intake and TRY to avoid alcohol (doesn't work). Still I tip the scales at about 200 lbs give or take either way.  I have hypothyroidism which makes it hard to lose and if I get stressed even worse.  So I remain "obese".  My friend is a nutritional counselor and has developed a formula to 'increase your metabolism" so I'm his Guinea pig so far nothing!

So I journey onward.  With the love and support of my dear "smokin' hot" husband who hasn't gained an ounce since we met 25 years ago!  The knowledge that my Lord loves me even if I have to walk through the fire.  The joy of everyday livin' and a little help from my friends.  For all of you struggling with me God Bless You!  and I'll see you on the other side.  I've got a home in Glory Land that outshines the sun!

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