Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chicken Little or chicken a lot??

I recently lost one of my part time jobs.  Not a big deal except that it means three hundred less dollars a month for our family of five.  So time to get creative.  I'm always looking for a way to survive in this life.  I always have a plan up my sleeve.  Ask me how many of them have worked out.......regardless I'm now back in planning mode.  My new plan includes revising the budget and cutting out the fat.  After purchasing some incredible financial software at the Dollar Tree I have decided that one way I can cut out the fat, literally, is by eating less.  I have revised my grocery budget and have a goal of eating for less than $50.00 a week. 

I've decided to ditch the idea that everything has to be "whole" food in order to be good for you cause here's the thing... there are nutrients in all foods.  It is cheaper to make homemade breads, soups, stews and goodies they're not filled with chemicals and preservatives.  They are made with oatmeal, butter, real sugar and real fruits and veggies and  they taste good!  My family is not too sure about this new plan.  We have been eating on the same two roast chickens for a week.  Day 1 roast chicken, potato salad, beans and bread.  Day 2 creamed chicken on homemade biscuits with green beans.  Day 3 chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and green salad.  Day 4 chicken and veggie soup with homemade bread.  Day 5 chicken pot pie using leftover soup and leftover creamed chicken.  Man vs Wild guy you've got nothing on me!  I have figured out how to feed a family of five including two teenage boys for a week on two chickens! HA!

I fear that as life goes on these mad survival skills I am honing will be put to the test.  I truly believe that all of us who have been living in excess will have to learn to live without and be thankful for whatever it is the Lord is providing.  I hope my children are learning the survival lessons I am trying to teach.  I'm compiling a "How To" book for them, I am sure it will be very useful, if nothing else it will make good fire starters!


Patrick A. Allen said...

Good for you for having a plan... seems like that is always our downfall!

Can't wait to hear what you do with two turkeys!

Sorry to hear about your job, but like always, God has a plan, eh?

Chicken tacos and chicken salad may be next!

Love your blog and am always anxious to read your writing.

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Patrick A. Allen said...

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